Cloud Computing Services

Businesses of all sizes have been stepping away from running their own data storage in-house to cloud computing providers and hosting companies who run "cloud" solutions for them. By doing so there is an increase in secure co-location capabilities to ensure back up come what may. HNS are also mindful of cost to their clients and ensure that the inexpensive provisions are flexible and scalable to fit your business.


Cloud servers

Secure, reliable, scalable and inexpensive. HNS cloud servers offer scalability and flexibility without the need for dedicated hardware. We can configure and deploy cloud servers to your exact specification in minutes. You can choose any mix of RAM (512MB - 64GB) , VCPU's (1 - 8) and disk (10Gb - 2TB) along with a choice of operating system. Add physical or virtual firewalls and load balancers and your application cluster can be up and running quickly and easily.

Private cloud

Private cloud provides all the benefit of cloud servers, but deploys your servers onto dedicated hardware. Used exclusively by you, managed expertly by us, This option allows you to specify exactly how the virtual machine infrastructure is built, and where data software and virtual appliances are stored. As with all our cloud servers, virtual servers and their physical hosts are monitored and managed by us on a 24x7 basis to ensure continuous operation.

Platform and networking

Our advanced virtual server infrastructure allows us to mix physical and virtual servers and appliances. This can offer the best mix of scalability and performance, for instance mixing physical database servers with virtual application servers can allow the number of application servers to be varied depending on load. Similarly, we can distribute server clusters amongst data centres to provide automatic failover and geographical redundancy.


Cloud storage has several advantages over traditional data storage. For example, if you store your data on a cloud storage system, you'll be able to get to that data from any location that has Internet access, We provide a variety of secure methods to access your storage space, and can provide VPN or Leased line access for secure rapid data access. We are also happy to accept seed data via either courier, or by delivery in person, saving time and money with large one off uploads.


Where will my data be stored?

All our cloud servers and storage devices are physically located within the UK, housed in one of 3 data centres in London, Bristol or Manchester. You can be sure exactly where your data is at all times.

Can I view my hardware?

Private cloud customers can, by prior arrangement, visit the appropriate data centre and view the specific hardware on which their services run, and the data centre in which it resides. This provides an unparallelled level of confidence.

How is support is provided?

All our support is provided by UK based operators, from our UK based network operations centre. We offer both Telephone and email support. If you have a problem, call us!

Can I expand easily?

You can change the virtual hardware your server cluster is running on at any time, allowing rapid expansion as demand grows.

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