Fair Usage Policy

HNS expects that it's Broadband customers use the Internet responsibly and be aware of how their usage can affect other users. In order to make it's Broadband services affordable, like other ISP's, HNS Broadband services are contended. This means that although your connection is on all the time, the bandwidth available is shared between groups of active users. This has no effect on the average customer.

We rely on our customers being fair in the way they use the Internet. Where we believe that a customers' usage is excessive we will contact the customer to discuss how they can modify their usage to the benefit of all of our users. This policy is here to give us an option that if your usage is excessive over a period of time, to the point it is impacting on other users, then we reserve the right to ask you to reduce your Broadband usage. If you need an uncontended service and exclusive access to your bandwidth we will be happy to provide this for you, but we will charge accordingly. All the time you are using a contended service then you need to play fair with other users.

Generally, we would view data transfer of 40GB or more per month (as is a common limit with other ISPs) to be excessive and reserve the right to discuss this usage with the user concerned

Activities that can be undertaken with 40GB of data transfer

per month
Emails without attachments 30,000
Emails with attachments 4,000
Watching a video (minutes) 2,400
Transferring digital photos (6m Pixels)  10,000
Hours of surfing 4,000

This does not mean your connection will be disconnected or impacted if you exceed this limit but, we ask you have consideration for other Broadband users in your use of bandwidth. We do the reserve the right to restrict usage that is excessive.

What happens if your usage exceeds the Fair Usage Policy guidelines?

If your usage exceeds the Fair Usage Policy by an excessive amount, not just a few GB over but reasonably over, then we will contact you and request that you reduce your usage.

If your usage continues to remain high following us contacting you, then your connection will be contended with other users of a similar usage pattern to yours. You can still continue to download or upload as much as you wish, however you will however have contention on the service -noticeable mainly at peak times.

If you usage then tails back down to a more reasonable level then the extra contention applied to your account will be removed. At no stage will a data transfer limit on usage be imposed on any account.