Business Connectivity

We understand that a high speed, reliable Internet solution is imperative to business connectivity. With a lot of business done through Internet search and e-commerce, every business requires a substantial broadband offering.

With Cloud providers ten a penny, how do you choose? With HNS, you can rely on the business connectivity services to be supremely secure, and with a combination of services to suit your business, connectivity should be a worry of the past!


Leased Line

Optical Fibre based Leased lines are the gold standard for delivering data, cloud and voice services to customers. At speeds from 10Meg to 10Gig HNS offer fully managed high quality leased lines. We can provide Internet connectivity, MPLS & connections to public and private cloud services, all on a single fibre. Leased lines provide the highest possible quality, capacity and Service Levels.

MPLS & Managed VPN

Our supremely secure remote access services, support a wealth of advanced security and access capabilities. Using state of the art Cisco technologies, we provide secure end user access to your head office or private cloud. We supply, support and manage all elements of the solution removing the headache of secure remote access. We offer solutions for a wide variety of devices and sites and extend support to global locations, including the US, Hong Kong and Europe.


We offer a wide variety of broadband solutions to meet almost any business need. These services, like our Leased line offerings are fully managed and monitored. Broadband services are usually appropriate for smaller office sizes where data download is limited or a low number of concurrent voice calls are required.

Combined services

We can combine services to provide a bespoke solution, for instance Leased lines and broadband linking multiple sites, including a co-lo rack, VPN service and Internet breakout. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Can I run voice services over your network?

Yes! Our network is fully enabled to provide quality of service provision for modern applications such as voice and video. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you manage our existing infrastructure?

Yes! We can provide a free appraisal of your existing infrastructure and provide a single point of contact for network hardware, connectivity and service issues.

Do you offer a design and consultancy service?

Yes! Our Cisco certified engineers are ready to provide on site consultancy. We can examine and document your internal and external systems and put together a project plan to move your network forwards, improving flexibility, reliability and reducing costs.

Are your services secure?

Yes! HNS offer a managed firewall / router with all our connectivity services. We also offer intrusion detection and prevention and Web content filtering services.

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